Excel values not replacing properly


there are no values in the above excel and after mail merge in the word template values are coming like the image shown below


to over come this i have replaced blank cells with “NAA” but this is replacing the cells which is not empty also

this is the method i tried

i even tried using excel application scope

so my question is that is there any way to remove those zeros in the word file without altering the workbook

i tried replace 0 with empty string using replace in word activity but its replacing the other zeros in the word file also like year n all

When using read cell activity, the column / cell formatting in Excel impacts what value is output. Try either of these options:

  • Check if strAddress3 value is blank or 0; replace with String.Empty or required value before writing it to word.
  • Try using read range activity on Address3 column header and cell, and get the value you need from DataTable variable.