Excel transpose two sheets data and making one final sheet

Hello SuperBots,

I would like to transpose sheet1 data and also sheet2 data and then append the results of both transposed tables one into another sheet called FINAL OUTPUT.

Attached sheet contains all the data mentioned(Sheet1 and Sheet2). Please do the needful.(FINAL OUTPUT) is how data is expected.

PanasonicTV_24_05_2020_Updated.xlsx (16.5 KB)


@mzahid, what about the data in FINAL OUTPUT sheet, what should happen to it?


FINAL OUTPUT Sheet is the desired outputsheet :slight_smile:

Sheet 1 and Sheet 2 , are input sheets, FINAL OUTPUT sheet is the output sheet.

Just for reference on how FINAL_OUTPUT sheet should look like , I have added that into the spreadsheet.


@mzahid, well its pretty confusing you have a table with a lot of columns, you need to explain in details what need to happen. The data in the final sheet that matches the data from both sheet one and two only starts from Column L. You at least need to provide the range where you need the data to be appended to.

do you want specific data into specific columns or ?



Column A to Column K is Transposed data of Sheet1
Column L to Column CF is Transposed data of Sheet 2

Attaching the corrected spreadsheet now.Sorry for the confusion.

PanasonicTV_24_05_2020_Updated.xlsx (16.5 KB)

@mzahid cool, i will give it a try

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