Excel transaction item not reading correctly

Hello all,

We have ref with excel as input…we read excel to a DT and then process it as transactionitem to pass it to process state.
one of the column in excel is ‘close’ with values like 'jan-21, aug21 etc
uipath reads transactionitem(“close”)to a variable string , and when we log the string variable it shows value as '03/21/2021 00:00:00" but the value is excel is ‘MAR-21’, not why this format change is happening
i want the value to as its in excel ie MAR-21,AUG-21 ETC

Please advice,


Hi @Divya123, I would like to help you, you can try this format when you want to get or set the value to change the format what you want


Sure let me try and see if it works.

Please clear your column in Excel file. Set the type as Text. And then add your values to Excel, like March-21 etc.
Then when you read the excel file, you will get the values exactly the same like in Excel, such as March-21 etc.

thanks alot, this helped, am wondering is there any other solution to convert or format in code other than changing it in excel.

this was giving me conversion error , in_transactionitem(“period”).toString(“MMM-YY”).toUpper
in_transactionitem is a queue trasaction with value '03-21-2021 00:00:00"