EXCEL TO PDF conversion


Iam trying to convert an Excel file to PDF using “Excel to PDF Activity”,I had alredy specified the source and the destination path, but still an error is show saying "System cannot fine the file specified?

pls help me to resolve it

Iam attaching the screen shot of the error for your referenceCapture

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Did u installed excel in your machine?

You can’t use Microsoft . Office . Interop . Excel without having ms office installed.


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Kindly check once whether we are able to open those excel files manually
Check with the file type and whether the application is installed or not
These are the reasons that lead to this error
Cheers @Sajin_91

In some cases its getting converted , but in saome cases its showing this error…y that so?

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Fine so you didn’t issue now with excel conversion
Then kindly try to open those files which failed, manually once in excel application
— and if that opens without error then Before using this conversion activity or as a previous activity to the one where we are trying to open excel, use a Kill process activity with process name as “EXCEL”

Hope that would work
Cheers @Sajin_91

hi @Sajin_91

Have U tried using this activity package

Ashwin S


–this can be handled in many ways, hope this could help you resolve this

  1. Kindly check you have the below assembly in your xaml, if not add it manually and restart your project and try again.


–For that open the xaml with notepad and we can check whether we have this assembly or not. If not mention the assembly reference, save it and run the process once again

  1. if that doesnt work like you have the reference already available, then in the studio
    check whether you have this namespace in the import option. If not import and restart the studio once and try to run the process

3.Finally this could give you more insights on using Microsoft.Office.Interops

Kindly try this and let know for any queries or clarification
Cheers @Sajin_91

one more doubt,while executing the excel to pdf and publishing , i need to send that to an email as attachment.

But the debugg screen is not moving after publishing the pdf, its standing still for long time…y so?

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May i know where this comes after
a screenshot if possible
well we can keep the whole stuff inside the try block of try catch activity
–where keep a send outlook mail activity in try block next to all the file conversion and in the attach file property of send outlook mail activity we can mention the path of the pdf file converted…
–and if any debug screen comes out (like an exception) it will go to catch block where we can first include a Element exists activity
–with that element exists activity we can select that debug window and if that occurs we will be getting a boolean output from the element exists activity whether its true or false
and lets name that variable out_boolean
–now use a if condition and mention like out_boolean = True
if true it will go to THEN part where can use a CLICK activity and click ok or any button on that popup that closes that window
–next to this if condition same again use a send outlook mail activity and in the attach file property mention the file path of the file

hope this would help you
but make sure that we validate that debug screen
Cheers @Sajin_91

Hi ,
Here is an activity to export the excel to pdf file.


can u help me on excel to pdf payslip project

Hi @Maya_Bharani,

Take a look , it may help you.


sure thank you ,let me check

It Has Some issue ,not working

What is the issue that you have ? Explain it with example …

Thank you