Excel table selection

@balupad14 Can you help me with some excel activities ? I am using your pacakge of excel with version 2021.0.0.

I want to delete fata from column C to U for sheet 1 .

Then need to select data from sheet2 and paste on sheet1.

After that need to select table as shown below. How should I do?

I have more sheets in one excel so confused how to select specific sheet.

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To select certain table you have to at first use ‘Get Table range’ activity and use its output as an input to Read Range activity. In each activity you have to specify sheet name.

HI @pari_patel ,

Yes. It is possible.

To delete the column (It has a video explanation also)

Copy Paste (It has a video explanation also)

  • I didn’t understand this.

Thank you

Thank you @balupad14 for help but I am using balareva.excel.Activities = 2020.3.2 version .

Within that I am using delete data activity which ia givimg me erroe shown below.

Would you be able to help me to reslve this error?

Thanks in advance

Hi @pari_patel,

I think you have a duplicate post on the same topic (Excel tables)
It is not a good practice to duplicate posts in any forum.

Nonetheless, you can achieve this within an Excel Application Scope without any libraries. (Annotations in the workflow):

Before edits to Column 3 in Table 1:

After edits to Column 3 in Table 1:

Here is the sample workflow and excel file I used: ExcelTablesManipulation.xaml (18.4 KB)
ExcelTable.xlsx (10.4 KB)

You can offcourse build on it to make it quite generic so that you can specify a sheet and a table. A pseudo code would be:

Sheets = Workbook.GetSheets  --> Generates a worksheet type output then

For each Sheet in Sheets
      Sheet.ListObjects  --> Gets Tables objects in a given sheet
      For each Table in Sheet.ListObjects
              Table.Name / Table.Item.Name (little unsure) ---> Get the name of the table
              Use Get Table Range Activity with the sheet name and table name --> gets the range of the table
              Read Range for the Table range
              Modify it as required as UiPath Datatable
              Write range back to the table
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Thanks @jeevith I will try the workflow you sent. Thank you for explaining very nicely.