Excel Table name for Filter Activity

I want to filter an Excel table using ‘Filter Table’ activity and write the output to a new Excel file. The ‘Filter Table’ activity requires naming the table in Excel which is not very practical in my case. Is there a way to create a name for the table directly in UiPath rather than in Excel? Which can then be used then for ‘TableName’ property in ‘Filter Table’ activity?

Hola @Jasu
you can do this without making the changes directly in the excel sheet, what I would do is:

1. Read Range to a datatable
2. Filter Data table
3. Delete range of the Data in the excel
4. Write Range

this way you can solve this problem without caring about having a table in excel, and you will have a workflow that you can reuse.

hope that helps :wink:

Thanks Reda. But the value for ‘TableName’ property is mandatory for ‘Filter Table’ activity, what value to put there?