Excel Table add data (noob question)

Hello all, i have a table and 3 variables: name, family,age.
my table:
i need to fill in the table.
BUT the table is located in the same way as in the picture.
the problem is that the table may already have 2-3 filled rows and I don’t know this. How do I add new data to the table in the free columns at the bottom ?

Read the excel in a data table. Insert into the same data table using Add data row activity and then output the same datatable to same excel file overwriting it.

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how i can insert data in my table when I don’t know which columns are available. The table may be empty, or it may already have 2-3 columns. I can’t get it to open. This is an issue condition

Steps to Follow

  1. In your Case you cannot read the Excel from A1 , the Data is starting from middle of Excel. If the Data is always in fix cell then GOOD :slight_smile:

Take a LoopupRange Activity : use this Activity to search for Value : name - This will return you the cell from where name is written

Now we have a Cell number for name. Say - B10

  1. Take a read Range and Specify Starting Cell as B10 (cell we retreived above) - This will return an Datatable dtExcel .

3.Take an Integer Variable intCount = dtExcel.Rows.Count : This will give you the Number of rows available in table e.g : 1 or 2

  1. Now in the Write Range specify cell as “A”+(intCount+1).tostring : This will give you B13 … Assuming the Data has to be written from the Cell B.


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