Excel - sum operation for multiple column

I need to sum the below selected way.
i summed D11==SUM(D2:D10)
same need to perform D11 to P11
what is the best way in UiPath.

@Jeevabalan You can use same formula like below in write cell activity


The Above operation can be performed by mentioning the range in write cell activity


Hi @Jeevabalan,

Find Sum of PF in employee contribution
then go to column where you need to go & calculate total

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Hi @Jeevabalan

you can solve this in two ways:

  1. by using formulas in excel
    2.by reading the excel and storing the data in datatable and using below mentioned syntax:
    DataTable1.Columns[β€œTotal”].Expression = β€œC1+C2+C3”;


Shiva Karthik

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The best way in UiPath is to type the formula in excel

Hi @albert.yango,

For one scenario we have soo many solutions

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