Excel starts reading on the last row

Looking for any help…just practicing with UI Path, taking data from GenRandomName website, then putting it onto excel, then opening Outlook contacts and matching the fields…(using for each row)

When I just look up 1 name, works great, no issues at all
When I look up say 5 names, it captures data for 5 people, saves them into Excel fine…but when its time to copy into Outlook contacts, it starts with the last row…I have the read range at “”, also tried “A1”, as well as “A1-H1000”…always starts with the last row…confusing…

I Used the SendWindowsMessage and I noticed it clicks and enters the first last entry fine, then clicks on the fields for next lines, which are all blank…

I really hope its just something simple I did wrong…can attach the .xaml if needed.

Can you attach your workflow?

File attached…thx!

Main5.xaml (72.5 KB)