Excel spreadsheet wiped/corrupted

My workflow reads a CSV and then outputs to a column each time the workflow is completed. After about 3 cycles it paused so I pressed restart in UIpath. Instead the workflow was hanging then did not restart. After manually restarting I got the message
Read CSV: Value cannot be null.
Parameter name: source

When I checked the file it was 0kb with the same name and opening it causes the excel error message “Sorry we couldn’t open the file C://…”

Luckily no important data was lost and I can rebuild the file but seems like a potentially problematic bug

For further context I have been running this same process daily with this bot for almost a year and this is the first time this has happened

Hi @Zephyr ,

Can you provide additional details to allow us to investigate this:

  • Excel package version
  • Where are you outputting the results? To an additional CSV? The same CSV?
  • What do you mean by cycle?
  • Were there any changes from the last time this worked correctly? (i.e. package version, Studio, etc)
  • Was the CSV file populated?


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