Excel splitting to new excel file if value is changed

Hi all,

As in above excel, i need to split these different records to a new excel file one by one with looping. (Colors are highlighted for better understanding)

PO Number with 2003002981180(1 line) into a new excel file.
PO Number with 2003002981638(5 lines) into a new excel file until for each rows are completed.
I also added my activity with old cell value, current value and next value. But i still can’t do to split into new files.

Let me know any workflows from you experts. thanks.

you can first read the excel and save it in Datatable, then use linq query to get distinct PO number
DataTable dt=dt.DefaultView.ToTable(true, “PO number”)

then loop through the distinct PO number in For each ,
Inside For each keep the filter data table and filter with PO number and output of filter datatable save it in excel with File Name dynamaic (Po number)


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Can you send the sample excel file??

PO(DD) (11.03.2020 11.02.04).xlsx (17.3 KB)

Hi Manish,

Yours is part of solution however, the output excel file data is wrong, some contains another PO no. Can you please check the solution?

I will be giving one more zip file updated one , wait for it.
Its proper.

Updated workflow, @Htwe_Ko_Ko_Wynn
Excel_Automation.zip (197.2 KB)

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Dear Manish,

You helped my day. Many thanks.

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