Excel sometimes show dialog box: This workbook contains links and robot stops processing


I need to create robot that opens excel workbook and make manipulations. The problem is that when Excel application scope activity starts to process and robot opens Excel file sometimes dialog box with messages appears:
Excel opening
I used different activities such as Parrallel and Element exist indicating that message mox, I also used If activity with Element exist activity and Click activity selecting “Don’t update” button, as another way I used Send hot key activities with Right and Enter activities, but it does not work.
The problem is, that sometimes when opening Excel workbook that dialog box appears and sometimes it does not appear. How can I solve it to make robot contnue processing and click “Don’t update” button if dialog box appears and move to next steps if dialog box does not appear?


Instead of using Excel Application scope, If your file is .xlsx, use Workbook Activities

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which Workbook Activities do you mean?


Check these as below


You can use those instead of using excel application scope activities

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What should I indicate in Table name field?
Get table range

Have you tried disabling the alert in excel itself. There are lots of links to disable that alert in excel, save the settings, then no pop up.

Open your Excel----> File------->Options----------->Advanced---------->TabName(When calculating this workbook), uncheck the option. Then this will not come.


You can use Read range to get the datatable

For more reference you can check below



Making settings in excel itself will not work, because file will be stored in shared folder and will be updated from time to time. Above I was advised not to use Excel application scope and use Get table range instead, I did it and now I am struggling with Table name field

Coming back to the root of your question.
Could you post your whole IF activity. The second picture you posted looks like you are using “Element Exists” within the IF activity…is that right?
What does the boolean of “Element Exists” output is telling you?


I didn’t say to use Table Range, The selection is common, so according to your requirement Use the activities covered under Workbook, I have given you the tutorial link to check how to read and how to go further

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I found solution by using Open application scope, but using this activity does not allow to read values from sheet to data table