1)when i click, spread sheet will open and i will paste the data what am getting.
2)when again new data has came and it should paste in same excel file but with different sheet number

Please help me regarding this, Thanks


Please any body can help

If this helps,

you can use the Shift+F11 hotkey to insert a new sheet on your open Excel file.



Here first time extracted data is stored in Eiffel file with sheet1 and next time it should store in Eiffel file and should be placed in sheet2 and same steps continue for sheet3, sheet4 and sheet5.
Please help, its urgent to continue my further project

You might need to export to a new temporary workbook (C:\Users\basava\Desktop\Temp.xls), then use read range activity to get all data from that workbook and use write range activity in EIFFEL.xls sheet2, then delete the temp.xls file.

This adds a couple steps, but should make it easily repeatable

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This error am facing

Can you try using Excel Scope with Read Range inside, and see if that works instead?

Yes, tried with that
It’s not working

What is your excel version? < 2010?

here am reading data from temp file and pasting in Eiffel file in sheet1 and i want to add sheet2 in Eiffel.
So tryied by using hot key as Shift +F11, but it not creating next sheet.
Please help me, waiting for some one help immediately

@Sharanabasava :

If it’s an older version that info is crucial, as behaviour of Excel changes between versions. Having one >10y old makes it basically a legacy system.

its excel 2016,
I tried but lastly one is missing
First it reading temp.xls file from Sheet1 and its pasting in write range activity of first sheet of Eiffel.xls file.
and second time its reading same temp.xls file from sheet1 only but in write range its not pasting.
What i have to change in the code.Please guide me

Check the scope of index if it getting initialized to 0 for every iteration?

Keep a message box after index = index+1 step and see the value, I’m assuming it is always 1.

am initilized index with default value as 0

Make sure you initialize index with value of 0 outside of the loop using an assign activity. If you just rely on setting the default value as 0 I’ve noticed it will revert back to that default value each iteration of the loop

Loop_excel_sheet.xaml (14.6 KB)
Temp.xls (82.5 KB)
I tried with making value as 0, still am facing error.
This is my Xaml file and my sample temp.xls file.
Please check and help me

A couple things.

  1. This can be put into a Do While loop, rather than a sequence with arrows making it a loop (easier for someone else to read/understand what’s happening)

  2. The error you were getting seemed to be because you were using the ‘write range’ activity on a .xls file instead of a .xlsx file. I made the assumption that .xls file was a requirement, so I put used an excel application scope and used the ‘excel write range’ instead.

  3. I changed the assign activity so that index = 0. If you don’t initialize that, it will revert back to the default value you input for index. Note that the scope is global for this variable

  4. I put the assign activity index = index + 1 inside of the loop, rather than outside.

After making the above changes, everything worked perfectly. Keep in mind that new tabs will be at the beginning of the workbook. I can’t upload .xaml files, but see the below screenshots

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Is that restriction on your side? From forum perspective it should work (you have Member level access, so if it doesn’t work for you something is hugely broken).

Yes, it’s due to company restrictions - no worries :slight_smile:


As data is not pasting from one excel to other excel, So i used reading excel and using write range activity.
Its worked as per my requirment.
Thanks for all for giving solutions.