Excel sheet values into app respective field in typeinto box having struggle

Hai everyone,
I have some doubt in my project there is in exceel sheet I takes values to app

This is my exceel sheet one salesordernumber contains multiple itemnumbers that multiple item numbers have different CSD values (date) so here my bot is what doing means I have to click first itemnumber, one popup will come in that popup I will paste my CSd values in typeinto field

This is itemnumber page I will click first itemnumber means one pop will come

So here I want to CSD values.
Everything is ok now but I click second itemnumber now it will take first CSD values only but I want to take respective itemnumbers date in that field. So here I want to do respective itemnumber I am clicking means i want to do respective CSD values but it takes first CSD values only
Please help me on that.

I am struggling here

Please help me.

Hi @siva_sankar try to extract the value of item number before clicking on it and use lookup datatable activity to find the CSD values corresponding to the item number being clicked.

Hope the above logic helps you


Nived N

Happy Automation

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