Excel Sheet Manipulation (organizing excel sheet)

Hi All,

I have an excel sheet that is not organized as below, I want to organize as shown below
I have attached the excel

iam stuck here, can any one help please


original sheet

Wanted result
ExcelManup.xls (1.2 KB)

we faced a few similar tasks in our projects and handled it with a technique, called Block parsing:


  • empty lines are to remove
  • the yellow lines are the blocks that needs to be detected
  • then a block parsing is executed
  • within the blocks the block data will be parsed

The initial idea of block parsing is to detect the different positions / row index (in your case Material)
Then the blocks will be sliced with the help of Skip and take method.

Let us know if you need further help and we will guide you on your development.


Hi ,

Thanks for you reply,

I would appreciate if you can send me a sample of the workflow as iam still new to the studio.

Thanks in advance

Ok, I will take care on this after my regular job and will come back to you
As you told that you are new in Studio, so have look on Filter DataTable and for each row Activity as this will be needed along with some others for this scenario

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I really appreciate this, yes Iam familiar with the Filter Data Table and Foreach activities.

perfect so I do feel for the Block parsing a good preperation could be to remove the empty lines
and to move the valid from label within the same row to next right column (so it will be over the valid to date)

can you trry to implement? Together we will do it step by step the sceanrio

find starter help here:
m0e91.xaml (17.7 KB)

having this result:


Thanks A lot Friend, it worked perfectly! Appreciate your time

Perfect. So you can close the topic with the solution flag once you feel that the task is done. happy automation :+1:

What was the method used here ?



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