Excel sheet - hardcoded to datatable through array?


I have a situation where I need to hardcode an excel sheet to data table in my flow. The need for hardcoding is there because the excel is not always available (it is unchanged).

Is this possible?
Can I assign the excel to array perhaps and then to datatable? Or does the robot still need the read excel every time?

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You can use Path Exists activity, So that It will output a boolean value
True->If present
False If not Present
Use IF condition In then you can use Read Range and get the Datatable
IF False then you can place your logic

Hope this may help you


Hi @Anonymous_Hippo,

If you have an excel that is never gonna change but is also not available to be read everytime process runs.

So in this case, may be you can do a one time thing wherein
1)you save that excel in a storage bucket on orchestrator
2)so every time process runs, it picks that file from orchestrator instead of going to location(where it may not even find the file and unable to proceed due to no data).


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Hi @Anonymous_Hippo,

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