Excel Sheet Does Not Exist

Here are the initial queries that help users to fix the "sheet does not exist" exception.

To have a better understanding of the issue, help us with the below details:

  1. Does the issue still exist even after validating the Excel sheet value? For example, make sure the Excel sheet does not have an unexpected space at the end of the sheet name.
  2. Please share the screenshot of the window showing up the Excel version after navigating to the Excel file -> Account -> About Excel.
  3. How many rows, columns, sheets exists in that Excel file? Are there charts or other graphics within that Excel file?
  4. Does the workflow use Excel application Scope or Workbook activities? If Excel app scope, uncheck the Excel add-ins and try executing the workflow.
  5. What version of UiPath.Excel.Activities is used in the project?
  6. Is the issue consistent or intermittent?
  7. Is the issue specific to the Excel file or machine or user?
  8. How was the behavior in the lower environments (Dev / QA)?
  9. Share the complete event viewer logs along with the timestamp of when the issue is observed. Refer How to get Application Logs from the Event Viewer .