Excel set text

While downloading the excel and setting the name using set text, the excel is still saved as default name.Can someone help?



Could you please take screenshots of workflow and paste it here. Will check once.

Hi Buddy @nole_1

Fine usually set text activity is used to set text i.e., string for a text ATTRIBUTE OF A UI ELEMENT, Where we are trying to save the excel which wont be recognised as a uielement rather it would be taken as a file, not a element…and thats why it didn’t get changed to the text that you set with SET TEXT activity…
So in order to rectify this we can do one thing
we can use MOVE File activity once after downloading the file…where we can mention the source file path and destination file path property you can mention the file name you want…
This would work for sure…
Or you can change the name if you have an option to save as option if its been enabled while trying to download from chrome…but we cannot expect that from all machines…so the above method is more reliable buddy
Kindly try and this let know…
Cheers @nole_1


use type into activity instead of set text. If you don’t want to typing, the you can type into activity with Stimulate Type it will act like Set Text

Michael Udhaya

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