Excel Set Range Color

Hi All,

I’m trying to set range color which I got from the ‘Get Cell Color’ Activity.

The output of the color is ‘Color [A=255, R=191, G=191, B=191]’

How can I add this color into the code: System.Drawing.Color.Fromargb()?

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Hi @caoshixiao

Set the System.Drawing.Color in default value in variable pane

Print the value as color.Name.ToString

Ashwin S


Thanks for the quick reply, but I’m getting some weird output: ‘ffbfbfbf’, Please Check if i put the right code into the Log Message, ‘Gray_Color’ would be the one I assigned in the ‘Get Cell Color’ Activity


OK I figured out,

Simply use the assigned name in the ‘get Cell Color’ activity and paste it to the ‘set range color’ activity, that will work.

‘system.drawing.color’ isn’t required in the code.

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