Excel Selector Invalid if not on screen

I’m working with an excel file and I’m trying to copy a formula down a couple of hundred rows. I have everything working with the copying the formula. My problem is that I can’t seem to navigate to the column to select the row to format without it being visible on the screen. My column is P, so it is just off the screen. When I manually move over, the selectors are valid. So how do you select a column in excel that is not on the currently visible on the screen?


A quick workaround would be add a type Into activity before the Formula and Type P1 and Hit Enter .

This will Move the cursor / focus to the column P and the we can proceed with formula



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Thank you. For an app that is setup as rows and columns, I think Excel is hard to navigate. I also added the [d[enter)][u(enter]) to the end of the of the type into. First few loops seem to work!

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