Excel selector coming as blank after Indicating on screen

Hi All,
Actually i am using Send Hot Key and Type Into activities to to send keys into an excel. But after indicating the whole excel on screen, there is no value in the Selector editor. And also its not performing the sending of keys into excel.

Why selector editor is blank ?

Use STRAT PROCESS activity to open the excel in foreground by passing the filepath of excel as input to FileName property
Once after opening the file use SEND HOT KEY activity without choosing any element for selector just the activity with hot key you want
And moreover I m not able to see any hot key along with the special key in the image like only ctrl is enabled and no other pairing is key is mentioned from that drop down or explicitly (kindly make a note on it)

cheers @kkpatel

Ctrl Space is there @Palaniyappan. That’s why its not visible.

But I want excel application scope, still are you saying i should go for Start Process.

And the question is why Selector is not coming ?

yah go for START PROCESS activity and to space dont mention " "
mention as space from that dropdown
Kindly try this and let know for any queries or clarification

Cheers @kkpatel

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@Palaniyappan Actually when we are selecting the inner part of the excel, selector is coming. But when the whole excel window we are selecting the selector is not coming.

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