Excel scroll and click w/ different lengths + leaving excel open

I would like to scroll down an excel sheet and click on the number that appears. The catch is that the page length is always different, so the position of the desired number is always changing. What I have attempted is the hotkey (pgdwn) but because the length of the data is different, it doesn’t click on the correct one. Any suggestions? Thank you!

EDIT: I have an additional question as my excel closes out as soon as the bot finishes the function and I am unsure what to do to such that it remains open after the execution.


I would strongly advise you to go through our Academy Foundation Training to learn the basics of automation in UiPath :slight_smile:

Thank you! I am planning on doing their foundational level and advanced level training. I do have a project going on so I am learning on the go while doing that in parallel.

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