Excel Scope v Read Cell differences

Hi guys, I’m a bit confused by something a user just spotted and was wondering if someone had encountered something similar.

I was using “Read Cell” and using arguments for File to open, sheet and cell reference, but it was pulling it incorrectly - the file says Nov, but UiPath read Oct? So I popped this activity into a sandbox and manually put in the arguments - same result, Oct. However, when I then used an “Excel Application Scope” (ie it is now opening the file) it correctly read as Nov…why the difference when opening it?

I’d rather not open the file as it’s quite meaty and takes a while, hence why I was using Read Cell to begin with, but if the only way I can do this is to open it then fine. The cell is based on a formula to find the previous month, could it be related to this? Interesting note is that it appears to read two other formula based cells correctly, for year and another flag, just month is coming out wrong.


I think I now understand why the other two weren’t updating and it was because the previous values since it had last been opened hadn’t changed, year and forecast, however the month did. This means that Read Cell is unable to properly read cells if the Excel file is not opened.

Using Excel application scope is not an option as it stops add-ins from working, so is my only option now to use start process to open the file, then read cells, or is there a better option to read correct cells in the background?

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Well i wonder why read cells within excel application is not working, because it would work actually
–fine as a another work around we can use START process activity with the excel application file path as input

Cheers @Alex_Cross

Read cell within Excel Application itself works, however, it messes up add-ins which we need in the process as well, so overall it’s not an option.

Thanks for your input and confirming that Start process is not a stupid idea :slight_smile:

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No worries
Cheers @Alex_Cross

Actually, Start Process then attach window won’t work, as the Read Cell activity then complains that the file is already open - I might have to Start Process, type into cell finder the cell reference, then copy the cell and retrieve from clipboard unless there’s another way?