Excel Scope how to give the file name to assign from Config file Input path

Need to give the file name to get the Input file from the path given in Config file.
The file name can be dynamic , need to select the file with any name.

EX :


Hi @amirtanm,

Does your Input File path contain only 1 file? If so, can you try using this:


Yes my path contains only one file .

I tried your code and this error is thrown :slight_smile:
Excel Application Scope: The file could not be accessed. Try one of the following:

• Make sure the specified folder exists.
• Make sure the folder that contains the file is not read-only.
• Make sure the file name does not contain any of the following characters: < > ? [ ] : | or *
• Make sure the file/path name doesn’t contain more than 218 characters.

Ok. :slight_smile:

Can you send a screenshot of the folder location containing the file you’re accessing?