Excel save as type into does not work

I’m trying to save a downloaded file into a specific location using “type into” activity. But I’m receiving the following error continuously.

Type into 'Edit': Cannot find the UI element corresponding to this selector:<wnd app='excel.exe' cls='#32770' title='Save As' /><wnd aaname='Explorer Pane' cls='DirectUIHWND' /><wnd aaname='File name:' cls='ComboBox' /><wnd ctrlid='1001' />

This is my selector

I need to enter the location here

Really appreciate the support to solve this issue

Hi @Nilaksha_EA

Just open the selector and click on repair there and indicate the section where u need to type . Also tick the empty field in type into property panel

Hope it helps you


Nived N :robot:

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Thank you @NIVED_NAMBIAR for the response.

Actually I did the same. But it didn’t help & kept on receiving the same error.

Do you have any idea why?

Hi @Nilaksha_EA,

Here is an activity called Save As. It will help you.


Hi @balupad14

I’m getting following error when using above.

SaveAs WorkBook: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

This may be because the save as activity is not inside the excel scope. I can not use excel scope activity since this is a fresh download and I’m going to save it in a folder.

Please support me to clear the issue.

hi ,
you have to use the excel scope from edp excel package.

Check this .

Thank you