Excel row wise need to assing to the users

Hi Community,

I have an excel datasheet that has certain details those details need to assign to the respective teams row-wise. can you suggest how to develop the code.

Hello @chaitanyaKumar,

First, use Read Range and assign a dt variable: my_dt

After that use the activity: for each row

Inside the for each use assign activity for each column you want to get

For example the first one: myvar = row(“1”).ToString

After the assigns do the next steps inside the for each row. After all steps are done, the next row is preformed!

Hi @chaitanyaKumar ,

We would appreciate it if you could provide an example of the operation you wish to perform, along with some sample data, as that would put us in a much better position to assist you.

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Ashwin A.K

it worked now thanks for your quick responce.

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