Excel ribbon click not working for some parts

Hi, I am facing some strange issue here. In Excel using the SmartView addin, I was able to get UIPath to activate one function but not the other. Details with screenshots are in the attached file. SmartViewSubmitDataIssue.xlsx (135.7 KB)

Hi @chih

First, try pointing the selector to the ribbon:

Then, use one Send HotKey activity per hotkey:

Let us know if it works :slight_smile:

Hi Maciej,

Thanks for getting back. I have tried out the steps you have outlined and it did work. It was able to execute the commands in the correct defined sequence:

  1. ALT+S
  2. Y
  3. 6

However data was not submitted. So it is like it is working but I am not getting the desired end result which is to submit the data…

Are there other solutions?

Is there any chance you need one more key stroke to confirm the action on the UI element, such as space or enter?

Don’t think so. If I use Excel keystrokes, the three sequences will submit data into the cube. I do not need to press Enter.

I have two ideas.

  1. Is using a Click activity not an option? For me it selects the specific elements of the ribbon.
  2. When you open Excel file, you can press ALT once, and then TAB the amount of times to reach your element and then SPACE to activate it

Hi Maciej,

I went through your original solution again and decided to check with Oracle to ensure I was not missing any keystrokes and indeed there is a discrepancy.

Using the keyboard: ALT+S+Y+6
However the real keystrokes required are: ALT+S+1+Y+6

I have updated this is UI Path and it is now working.

Thanks for all the help.

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