Excel Report for the automation run/job

I have a automation with Orchestrator Queues built on RE-Framework. I want to prepare a report of every run with the transaction details - the data for every queue item, queue status, business rule exception/system exception if occurred, exception message, etc.
Can we build a report datatable in first run of the init state and log everything in the Process.xaml? Or use orchestrator API’s? Or something else?

What’s the best way to approach this?

P.S. This report should be a part of the automation process.

Hi @Sunny_J

Once u had processed each transaction item in process state, u can record each transaction details in a datatable which is intialised in init state.

Once all transactions are over , u can write data from that datatable to excel and send it to the reqd persons

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Nived N

This is dangerous because if the automation faults part way through you’ll never get the completed items written to the log.

You should write to the log after each transaction is processed.

As most of the information are already present e.g. retrievable from the Transaction item we can ommit the manually tracking within the datatable. When marking the TransactionItems with a specific mark on the e.g. Progress Field (will be possible in all states instead only on sucesfull when using Output field), we can use the ORC Api for fetching the report info on the end

Thsi will allow us a lot flexibility when e.g new field are to add to the report. We also can rerun it when we just parameterize the mark.


Did u meant when the system exception occurs ?

No, if the Job faults. Say you have 100 items to process and during item 50 something happens and the Job faults. You never recorded the 49 items you already processed. That’s why logging should be done on a per-item, not a per-Job, basis.

Well that is a good point :slightly_smiling_face:

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