Excel - remove duplicates and give list of duplicates

Hi all,

I have two excel files: a master file and one that comes in on a regular basis by mail.
I need to append the master one with the ones that come in on a regular basis.
However, if there are duplicates, the user should be notified about which are duplicate and they should be removed.

Could you please tell me how you would approach this?
I tried with the following but I am not having a part where the duplicates are listed and returned to the user:

  1. Read range of the excel files that come in on a regular basis and store as dt
  2. Append range of the master excel file with dt
  3. Use activity remove duplicate range

Can you please tell me if this is a good way and how to add the part to indicate the duplicate ones that got removed?

Many thanks in advance

I would probably read both files then run through each row in the regular basis one and see if it is already in the master. If it isnt, add it to the master, then continue to the next row. If it is, do whatever you want in that case.


Hi thediabloman,

That is indeed a good idea and an other approach. Thanks for sharing, I think I will use it. This will enable me to list the duplicate ones.

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