Excel related doubt

Hi… I’m fresh beginner to the uipath, i have one doubt in excel related activities, i extract the data from criccbuzz.com like ranking->odi ->test player and save .xlsx with two sheets namely sheet1 and sheet 2, i have to display the same player name common in the sheet1 and sheet2 with their name and ratings. how can i do this what activities need for this can any one plz reply

Can you please attach a screnshot of the format of the data that you want to updated?

Basically if you have the player name in a string, then you can use 2 Write Cell Activity for each of the sheet and update the data in a particular cell.

Rammohan B.

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cricket.xlsx (8.7 KB)
SIR this is my excel data sheet 1 odi and sheet 2 test, sorry for that delay reply. ok i try this.


I think you are looking for sort order of the player names in both sheet with same order.

If my understanding it correct then you can do this by creating a DataView on your table. You have a table named myTable that is to be sorted first by Player in ascending order and second by Rating in ascending order. This can be done as follows:

Assign myView = New DataView(myTable) as a DataView variable;
Assign myView.Sort = “Player, Rating ASC”.

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Sarath125 for your understanding check below step 6 and 7
1.Navigate to www.cricbuzz.com
2. Click on the “Rankings” tab.
3. From the page displayed, click on “Batsmen”.
4. Find top 10 batsmen and their rating under “Test”.
5. Find top 10 batsmen and their rating under “ODI”.
6. Display the batsmen that are common in both with the sum of ratings from both “Test” and “ODI”.
7. Display a message box “No match found” if there is no common batsman found.

i think nested for each loop works here and also
we can write a sql query for look up the values