Excel Reading Data

Hi I have three files.
let’s say

And Master_File.xlsm

Now my requirement is
first I have to open the File1.csv and select the complete 11th row. Click on the particular Type column and filter it. Once filter I have to copy the data from the 12th row till the end. And then past in the Master_File.xlsm in the particular sheet from line number 12th only.

Again I have to read the File2.csv select the complete 11th row filter the particular Type column same as we did in File1.csv and copy the data from the 12th row till end and paste the data in the same Master_File.xlsm but this time I have start the data pasting from where File1.csv data is done.
As I have started the data pasting from 12th row and it pasted the 10 lines data Now I have total 22 rows right. So I want my data paste of File2.csv from 23th row.

Kindly suggest me how can I do this…

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May i know what does this mean actually buddy
Cheers @balkishan

Hi @balkishan
Is column names are same in both excel, if yes you can merge the both table using “Merge DataTable” activity and then using FroEach row activity you can get the specific data you want and add to the master file.


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Yes column name is same. Please see I have selected the 11th complete row then click on Data Rap Then Click on Filter. Once click on Filter it’s showing me filter. Now I have click on Type column and filter it. once filter done I have to start the copy data from 12th row till end.

Then I have to copy this data in Master_File.xlsm in Data sheet from row 12th. It’s very easy hope you understand it bro. Same I have to do for second file.


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It’s quite interesting solution.

But both the csv files has different name with different sheet name bro.
But Columns name and Headers are same.

Please tell me how can I do this. How to filter this first file1.csv 11th row and copying the data from 12th row and same for file2.csv filter and copying the data from 12th row then merge both the data table. and paste it into the master file from the row 12th.

Kindly help @Palaniyappan

What you want to filter here, i mean on which basis you want to filter and which column

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see bro first I select the 11th complete row then I click on Wrap Data to show the row clearly. Then Click on Filter option once the filter is enable for complete row. I select the Type column which is on 3rd position. I marked it small yellow color bcz popup is there so you won’t be able to see. Now I have to select only Order and Shipping details only then click on OK.
Once done I have to copy the data from the 12th row till the last row.

Same I have to do for second csv file also. Then I have to paste the both files data into master file.

@Palaniyappan @HareeshMR

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Fine one final query
it looks like an excel
so the first two files are excel or csv

Cheers @balkishan

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.csv files bro.
But the Master template is .xlsm format

@Palaniyappan @kumarD @HareeshMR Please guide buddies :slight_smile:

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Just posted some steps to you in the message bro @balkishan

Try those :slight_smile:

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