Excel reading and updating

There is an excel sheet with today’s Date and there is an application where I have to update some column information into that application based on that particular date and time of that excel sheet…I am confused How to read data from that excel sheet and update it.

Pseudo Code:
Excel Application Scope:

  • Input: Path to the Excel file
  1. Read Range:

    • Input: Sheet name or range to read
    • Output: DataTable variable (e.g., dtData)
  2. For Each Row:

    • Input: dtData
    1. If (row(“DateColumn”).ToString = currentDate)

      • If the date in the current row matches the desired date, proceed with the following steps
      1. Extract the necessary column information from the row

        • Example: columnValue = row(“ColumnName”).ToString
      2. Update the application with the extracted information

        • Example: Use activities like Type Into or Set Text to update fields in the application
    2. End If

  3. End For Each


Welcome to the community

first you can read the excel using read range and for Todays date can use Now.ToString("MMddyyyy")(Here format needs to be amended as you need )

Then you have the data in datatable…you can now loop through datatable rows usign for each row in datatable activity and then inside that you can perfomr your ui interactions with the application

Inside loop currentRow("ColumNname").ToString will help getting each column related value for particular row