Excel Read Range takes exactly 3:30 min

Hi there,

we encountered a problem when using the “Read Range” Activity in an Excel Application Scope.
While reading an Excel Range the activity takes exactly 3:30 min. At least according to the log.

Strangely this 3:30 min gap also appears once later (after the excel has been read) while iterating through the data table.

The phenomenon cannot be reproduced on an testing system and only happens on the production VM. So bug fixing is quite a pain in the a**.

Does anyone have a suggestion?

Hello @RPraschma,

First of all you must try ‘Read Range’ activity with the specific Range like “A1:B10”.

Ensure your Excel sheet was not corrupted!

Michael Udhaya

Have you tried the read range without the excel scope?


Buddy @RPraschma may i know how the datatable is been iterated , i hope its with for each row loop
is for each row loop is taking 3:30 mins to iterate through all the rows…
is that you mean buddy
sorry kindly correct me if i m wrong…!

We removed the Excel part and ran into the same issues.

So Excel is definetly not the problem.

After a few debugging tries we suspect that it is a firewall configuration that somehow delays or interferes with the communication between the robot and the orchestrator.

I will keep you updated if we can pin point it to the firewall.


So it seems this is an issue with the communication between the robot agent and the orchestrator.

Due to some restrictions in the firewall or the proxy (I do not know which configuration it was in detail) apparently resulted in a 3:30 min break in the process run.

Our IT loosened the restrictions some and now we do not have any issues at all.

So this was more an infrastructure than a development issue. The occurence of the break just mislead us…

Thanks for all your help anyway.

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