Excel read range: Read empty rows in starting of excel

Hi All,

I am trying to read any excel which has few empty rows in the start of the excel sheet. I need to read these empty rows also.
My ultimate aim is to get the last cell value of the excel where data is present.

Thank you in advance!!

Hi @predatorroxy_hgs,

I believe Read Range will read all the used range in the Worksheet.
You will get a Data Table as O/P.
Now use this expression <Data table variable>.Rows.count to get the last row number, similarly <Data table variable>.Columns.count to get the last column number.

Use both values in Read Cell activity, to get the required O/P



For read Range activity, Check below post

To know the number of rows

You can use Datatable.Rows.Count

Check videos available for more reference


Read range is not reading the initial empty rows present in the excel file.

I have checked with dt.rows.count and it gives me the row count which is excluding the empty rows while i require the count with the empty rows.

If possible can you attach your excel file?