Excel read range problemm

There is an excel reading problem in UIPATH. I want to read only A2 part and for this I write only a2 in read range, but then when I click to write the read data, it writes all columns a2 a3 a4 a5a etc. What is the problem?


Can you try to use Read Cell activity instead of ReadRange activity?


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Have you tried to use Workbook Read Range activity



Hello @beginnerui
Kindly try to use Read cell activity for read single cell

And use write cell activity to write that data into certaion cell


When we write/read in range as only
A2. It means you want to start from A2 and till end of data.

If you want to right in specific tabs you should try like this A2: B2

In your case it will be A2:A2
Only one cell.

Hello @raja.arslankhan , We can use read cell activity to get single cell values. And also use write cell activity to write data in certain cell.

gokul I want to read an email adress and type to gmail . for this now I am using read cell activities then output data table then type into gmail site(Gmail: Private and secure email at no cost | Google Workspace) but this is still not work? what is the problem?

Do you need to log in in browser using the mail id from excel sheets?

yes . I want to read gmail adress in excel file then log in chrome browser gmail adress and password

Hello @beginnerui

If you are using the read range activity, if you give only one excel cell value as range then it will read the data starting from that cell.

So better to use read cell activity.

But if you want to get multiple data from excel, you can use read range to the entire excel and then work with th datatable.

If you can share a sample excel screenshot it will help here

better to use read cell activity to read a single cell.:+1:

Shortly I am asking. You have 5 Gmail address in A2,A3,A4,A5,A6 in excel cell. Then you have current password in B2,B3,B4,B5,B6 and you have new password you want to change with in C2,C3,C4,C5,C6. Uipath task is go gmail.com type first Gmail address and then click next button then type current password then go change password then type changed password than sign out and do all this for new Gmail on second Gmail address … This is my aim to want uipath do for me. So what is gonna be your whole activities and work. Can you please write this project shortly.

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Hello @beginnerui Kindly check this sample flow, it may help you
Forum_EmailExcel.zip (104.7 KB)

This is good but unfortunately not writing password. And can you please add new password column on C2 cell

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Do you hve ny solution for this?

Maybe selector issue, fix it. it’s just sample flow, you have to develop as per your requirement.
I just develop the flow by looping the excel value, the login flow was designed.
Use currentrow(“columnname”).tostring to pass the current row value from excel sheets

thanks guys. I also need this: an excel file has about 10k rows but only columns a b and c are full. I want to read only columns a and b from those columns with uipth and write to google sheet file. I also want to take only the first 200 letters from the rows in column c and also put # at the beginning of some of the words there(just in column c). how can I do that?