Excel read range like to copy cell range to other sheet possible?

Database.xlsx (25.9 KB)

Hi is been a while since i use ui path studio i would like to know if my logic is possible

i will read my excel through excel scope to get the data then i would like to copy a particular cell to my other sheet inside then other that i use some condition to do something ?

Hi @xxGoRpa

if both the sheets are same in excel
then it is possible

yes thanks there are inside the same excel :slight_smile:


You can use Read Cell activity and whatever you get from there you can use Write cell activity to write back to excel

Hope this may help you


Thanks i let you know if i am able to figure out if not i sent my main file here

I am back just want to ask is it possible to read cell in the cell i am able to read multiple cell ?

is it “A1” + “B3”

Something like this ?


To Read multiple cells data then use Read Range activity


i see okay is it possible seems i have read the cell i am able to copy the value ? usign copy selected text ?