Excel Read Range - last twenty rows only?

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Is it possible to set the range in the Excel read range to the last 20 rows only? The input data sheet rows are dynamic and they will change number often,
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Try this:

Step 1:
Read the excel file - reading all rows. Let the output datatable be called “dt”

Step 2:
Insert assign activity,
Assign Left:
Assign Right:

Note: You may want to always check the row count is greater than 20.



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Hi @Orchestrator_Practice

Give a try with the following query

yourDTVar.AsEnumerable().Skip(Math.Max(0, yourDTVar.Rows.Count - 20)).CopyToDataTable()


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FYI, If the project is not Windows-Legacy, we can use TakeLast method.

dt = dt.AsEnumerable.TakeLast(20).CopyToDataTable()

Or if there is possibility number of rows is less than 20, it may be better to use datarow array as the following.(Because CopyToDataTable throws exception if there is no row)

arrDr = dt.AsEnumerable.TakeLast(20).ToArray


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Thank you for your post and providing two alternatives

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