Excel read range issue

my scenario is
1: reading the excel data where there is a row with the name “status”(status will be completed,in process ,error…etc…)
2: created the decision flow for the each status
3: i have the word docs that needs to be filled according to the status change
3: the process read the excel and need to fill the word form according to the status change (This is my main issue)
the decision is working fine but it is not filling the form accordingly the form is getting filled (i’ve my A2 as complete b2 as error and C2 as inprocess ) from the starting row rather than the required row details

can some one help
thanks in advance

What Exactly error you are getting

i’m not getting any error
my issue is although it is reading c2 and the status change correctly still the form is getting filled with the first column rather than the status change column details

I understand filling a word form doesn’t work.
So could you show details of the sequence that is filling the form?


Well, also not much helpfull.
The “Replace text” activity would be more interesting.


yeah i know that but it is not working for me because of the new installed version

I meant screenshot of the “replace text” activity …