Excel Read Range from first cell

Hi, how do I read a range from a table by selecting the top left cell? i.e. something like Data Scraping wizard. Preferably I want to do this without explicitly creating a ‘table’ in Excel as I want to leave the original document intact

This would be useful in cases where the number of rows in the table is not fixed

Not sure what you are trying to explain, can you a little more info on the topic

it will be helpful for us to look into the isue

Pavan H

I have a range of Excel cells of which the first row is the header. There are several more rows with the actual data. There can be variable number of rows.

What is the best way to select this whole range of Excel data when you don’t know how many rows and columns it contains? If I use Read Range or Select Range I will have to specify the range itself e.g. A1:?? but in this case I don’t know the location of the bottom right cell.

Preferably, I should be able to do this just by selecting the top left cell. I want to be able to do this without formatting the range as a ‘table’ or making changes to the Excel file itself.


Specify “” in Read Range activity then it will read enter file.

@lakshman I don’t want to read the entire worksheet/file, just a specific region within the worksheet. It may or may not start with cell A1


Could you please share that Excel file to me and will check.

Hi, sorry I am unable to share the file. Just know that I am looking to select a range of cells which looks like a table and there are other parts of the Excel sheet which are not part of the table and I do not want to capture these. I want to be able to capture this range just by specifying its top left cell

E.g. an invoice document where there is a table containing the line items, each column contains data such as price, quantity, ID etc. This is what I want to capture.

The invoice document also has several other stuff which is not captured such as addresses, document date etc.