Excel read range exception: 0x800AC472

Hi Experts,

I have a weird exception while automating a read range activity in excel.
The automation program runs fine on one system but when I transfer the program to another system, It opens the excel, writes the data but fails at read range activity with exception: 0x800AC472

I searched the forums, found 1 similar topic but basically it says that the office should be licensed. It is a licensed software and support is available. Please need help as it is coming out to be a roadblock for the release.


Hi All,

I was going through MSDN links. One place I found that the this exception 0x800AC472 means that excel is not ready when the command is fired. So I added a delay in my automation program for 3 seconds.
It is working now :slight_smile:
Please can you help if it is the right way?


@shashibhushan86 Check the private property in excel read range and check if it works

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Check the private property in excel read range NOT WORKING.