Excel Read Range error with "=======" symbol

I have a data sheet that gets pulled from SAP. On this data sheet there is a cell with “=================”. I believe this is some sort of stylized spacing. However, when I use read range this symbol seems to cause the read range to stop reading up to that point (so it seems when i look at variable data).

Then when I go to write range later I get an error saying I cannot write range. When I look at the data I notice the robot errors out at the cell where this “===================”. I have heard someone previously talk about this issue. In their case they filtered it out. However, I need to pull entire data as is!

Any ideas? Please help!!

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Hi @gabrielespinosa

I have seen the output of SAP to excel where “=================”. To overcome this you can try Delete Range activity to remove the row containing “=================”… Save Workbook activity… then Read Range activity.

Thanks for the suggestion. I will consider this in the future. However, in this scenraio there is additional data in a column next to the ============ so I cannot simply delete the row out.

I ended up using the workbook write range activity instead of the excel application write range version and it seemed to work. However, this seems so inefficient to have to reopen the file just to write one datatable!