Excel Read Range changing "" to Nothing

I am using Read Range and have noticed that a couple of my Read Range activities have changed my range from “” to Nothing after reopening the file.ReadRange_Nothing

I’m not sure if this is a bug - has this happened to anyone else?

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May I know what version of Uipath studio and Excel Package installed in your Uipath studio ?

Can you share the screenshot before and after reopening the file. Also are you using variables or hardcoded values?

Yes in new version instead of “” - “Nothing” is appear
This is same as “”

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I didn’t realise it was the same - thank you!


Happy Automation

Only the sheetname was hardcorded, no variables - only value was “” (to read the whole sheet)

Studio 2019.4.4 Community Edition (I was using Enterprise Edition last night, and it only switched to Community today).

Excel 2.6.2

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