Excel read and update in another sheet with a value

Hi Everyone,

Have one excel called Terminal ids.xlsx

Sheet name : “Terminals” with 10 Keyboard no.

Searching it in an application. if the result exists then need to update in the same sheet with an another column “Result” with the word matches found otherwise need to update matches not found.

Could you please help on this?

UlagaTerminal_Ids.xlsx (8.1 KB)

Hi @Boopathi,

Did you try to use Read Range and then for each loop on the output datatable of Read Range to do your stuff.

After this you can have a Build datatable with same structure and one additional column.

Is this that straight forward or there is anything else which should be added.


Hello @Boopathi,

You can follow the below process for this,

  1. Write a Select() query Eg: Table.Select() - here you will getting an Datarow array
  2. Then find the index of the matched row Eg: Table.rows.IndexOf(row)
  3. After getting the row number verify and pass the number as string into write cell

Hope this Helps…


@PrankurJoshi Thank you for your idea. Please find xaml how i did it. Still I am not clear how to build the data table dynamically. If possible, please share with .xaml and it will help me a lot.

Main.xaml (16.7 KB)

@Nandan_K Thank you for your idea. I will check how can do that.