Excel - Read all the rows expect certain value


want to copy IPS data and paste in another file, but not header"IPS".
Once finish, it should copy LES data and paste …

its urgent…waiting for reply

@Sharanabasava, It seems like you only need odd indexed rows.

  1. Read the Excel and store to datatable dt
  2. Run a For Each Row and set a if condition dt.Rows.IndexOf(row) Mod 2 = 1 then copy the row.
  3. Add the row in another datatable and finally print it in your excel.

Note : Not sure about the exact requirement. Above solution is from my understanding. Let me know if you have any concern !

Dominic :slight_smile:



Not able to understand your requirement.

If you want to Read all the rows expect “IPS”.

Then you can use Read Range and Check the Add Header Property. After getting the data in the Data Table. You can perform any type of work.



This is exactly my requirment.
In the above excel sheet, i want to copy the data from A2 and paste.
Next it should take A4, copy data and paste.
Next it should take A6, copy data and paste.
Next it should take A8, copy data and paste.
Next it should take A10, copy data and paste.
Next it should take A12, copy data and paste.

Waiting for reply, and Thanks Guys for immediate response from 599712 and Santan_Barnwal

Where do you want to Paste the Data?

In oracle software

Hi @Sharanabasava

I have attached Workflow for your Requirement.

If you any doubt, ping me back.

Oracle_Excel.xaml (9.5 KB)


Thanks, how to copy? and paste over there

if you can use Type Into or Set Text, then use it.

If you want to use Copy and Paste method, Then use “Set To Clipboard” activity, within for each row and use “Send Hot Key” Activity to Paste it in Oracle.



am getting IPS 0,LES 2, GSB 4 etc

I need just IPS, LES, GSB etc…

Can u please help on this…


I got it, just removed from message box that condition

Hi Santan_Barnwal,

Thanks for your wonderful effort, and it solved because of you…
Advance Happy christmas and New Year 2018.
Happy UI Path Learning

You’re welcome, it has been my pleasure helping you out!

If you need any help, ping me.

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Hi Santan,

1)when i click, spread sheet will open and i will paste the data what am getting.
2)when again new data has came and it should paste in same excel file but with different sheet number

Please help me regarding this, Thanks

Hi @Santan_Barnwal,

Could you help me how to give the condition of a excel of a specific value in the columns and print those columns in text file in UIPath.

Hi @Sharanabasava,
Could you help me how to give condition to read the specific value in excel and print those columns.

you can do it by filtering, in my case i have written linq query and stored into one variable