Excel - Read All Rows in specific Columns

Hi, my excel have heads A-F
A-C will be manually inputted by user meanwhile
E-F will be automatically inputted by Robot.

I want to read range all rows in A-C but the number of rows is dynamic.
How to read all rows in A-C without E-F?

I tried Read Range “A:C” but it throw error “too many data”, although there are only 4 rows in A-C for now.


Please try to read entire the excel using read range activity and give range “”. While iterating through output datatable, choose only first three columns to deal with.

Like , row(“Column A”).ToString, row(“Column B”). ToString etc.

BlankProcess.zip (18.4 KB)

hi, @alexologica

after you run, check the output panel for the result

Hi @alexologica,

After you have the whole datatable with 5 columns use the below condition


So you can specify how many columns you want in the above condition from the datatable and store the above output in datatable and use write range.

Hi all,

Thanks for the response.
Actually i want a solution that avoid loading unneeded data, because load all data will cost more memory consumption. Since there is no solution for that now, i think @anil5 suggestion is closed what i need.
Thanks for the help!

You can also try this,
Read range ->read whole datatable without header->output=dt
Read range-> (A1:C)+dt.Rows.count.ToString ->with header

it gives only column value of A to C.

I am not sure which solution is best but i tried so i pinged here.:slight_smile:

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