Excel range selection for sending mail

Hi Guys,

My workflow is to check the mail with the subject and download the excel file and check the range from the excel file. In this range we have mail ID, it will check the mail ID and send the mail and delete the excel file that downloaded from mail after the work is done.

Now I have a small issue that sometimes my range changes in the excel,

For example, the range will be “B8: D30” and sometimes “B8: D17”

Please check the workflow and could someone please give me a better solution for this one.

hi @Vijayakumar_Arumugam,

We have to get the Dynamic Range that has to be passed to ReadRange.

Steps to Get Dynamic Range ::

  1. Read Range the sheet with Range “” . This will read the entire Data and give your DataTable say DT.
  2. Take a int variable say RowCount and Assign : DT.Rows.Count - This will give you the Number of rows in excel say 100
  3. In theRange Write : “B8:D”+RowCount.ToString.
  4. This way we will have the Range Dynamic.


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thank you…