Excel range adress is Null or Emty error

Hi Team
Can any help me why am getting below error while adding sum of 3 columns into 4th column !



Hi @sekhar_talasila

Looks like you are trying to access an index that does not exist in your datatable, remember that datatables always start from index 0, for columns and rows, so your index to sum should be (0,1,2) and write in the index 3


Hi @fernando_zuluaga index correct only(5) , in above screenshot its visible from index 2 only.

Well, when using write cell we should pass the address of the cell that we want to write, and you are passing the index, not the address. an address should be (“A1”) and you are passing (1)

you can sum all the values and store in the datatable at the current index, and then just write back the data

or else, instead a for each row activity, use the For Each Excel Row activity, sum the values and write the result in the current index


SOrry to bother you can you make program and share for this activity counting first 3columns value and type into 4th column for the respective row.


You can try below steps
1.Use Excel Process Scope
2.Use Excel File
3. Use For Each Excel Row
4. Inside For each use Write Cell Activity

Properties for Write cell


Hope this helps


Thank you so much bro it really worked :+1:

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