Excel Queries?

Hi everyone,

Can anyone suggest me a solution for below query?

I’ve developed a bot to fetch data from Browser and Copying results in excel
–Where i will fetch a status as active or non active from browser website for each time i execute it should not replace the data else it should copy for below rows
for example :If i execute for the 3 rows for first time it should print the print the results in the range A2:A4 then for second time if i execute same 3 rows again the results should print from A5:A7 rather not to replace previous results …This is why because at the end of month i need to check total active and non active status after one month of execution



Hi @praveenchintu374

Use If activity

Not System.IO.File.Exists(Path.Combine("Excel path here"))

Then → Write range activity → Range = “”

Else → Append range activity

You can try with Append range activity


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Thanks @Gokul001 for your response, I will check and let you know if i’m facing any issues

Hey you can use Append Range Activity
it will work


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