Excel Prompts a dialog when saving Excel with

Automation wich is installed for months in productions is started to prompt a save dialog in Excel in my Studio when write range activity is ending .


I tried to replace this activity with a Write Range encapsulated in an Excel scope but it still does the same.
Any clues on wich parameter to change ? I prefer to know what has changed even if I can add some activity to detect and validate this dialog

Thanks !


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Can you please downgrade Excel package version and then check it once. And also May I know what version of Excel package are you using in this process ?

Thank you,
I have UIPath.ExcelActivities 2.11.3. I’ll check the downgrade (I didn’t upgraded anything manually)

[EDIT] Downgraded to 2.10.4, still the same


Yes pls.

Downgraded to 2.10.4 with no effect