Excel Pie Chart with varios edits (create on separate sheet, change color, resizing etc)

Hi, I´m very new to Uipath…
What is the best way to create pie/bar charts from one excel sheet to show on other excel sheet with lots of modification such as changing color, resizing, font change, etc the idea is to create like a Dashboard based on excel dynamic data which is updated everyday.
Is it better to have all detail configuration on macro and call it from Uipath or I can do all detail configuration directly on Uipath?
Thank you!

Hi @ireberry

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I believe you have a few options. One would be to try to find a custom activity package that would do what you want (which might be tricky to find for many requirements). Another would be to write your own custom activity package.

However, I think the simplest would indeed be to call a macro with UiPath. This way you will have the most control over your final output :slight_smile: